SPAPP19/20 Game 02: Prize Money

Thanks for playing Game 02 of Premier Predictions for the 2019/20 season. Here’s what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for… the prize fund and how it will be split.

Entries for Game 02 are just one down on Game 01 – we welcome Jeremy Wise as our only new player, while we lost two others. Three players have ‘sort of’ committed to come back for the 2020/21 season – which will be the tenth season of Premier Predictions.

Obviously, with a lower number of entries, we have a slightly lower prize fund, but it still stands at £418 (after £17 has been reserved for the Twenty Point Jackpot).

Below you can see how the prize fund can be won in Game 02 – don’t forget they’ll also be some @fpldoodle1 calendars available towards the end of the Game – we haven’t quite thrashed out exactly what that looks like yet though!

Prize Fund - 19/20 - Game 02

WinnerSPAPP Winner at the end of the Game£83.60
Runner-upThe player in second place at the end of the game£62.70
Third PlaceThe player in third place at the end of the game£41.80
Fourth PlaceThe player in fourth place at the end of the game£41.80
Tenth PlaceThe player in tenth (yes, tenth) place at the end of the game£41.80
Twentieth PlaceThe player in tenth place at the end of the game (OMG, 20th!?)£20.90
One Round WonderThe player who scores the most points in a single round. A round is considered to be a group of ten matches played over one weekend or mid-week schedule£41.80
Player of the Month (x4)The player who scores the most points in each calendar month. The first prize is awarded for August & September combined£20.90

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