Coronavirus Plans

In light of the escalating Coronavirus situation it seems sensible to give some thought to our game and what to do in the event that the Premier League is cut short this season.

It’s been on my mind for a few days what we should do if the Premier League isn’t played to it’s normal conclusion. Considering the Man City v Arsenal match has been postponed for that very reason, it seems a decision should probably be made sooner rather than later.


On the whole I think it would only be fair to ensure those who have done well during the game should receive reward for that. With that in mind, if the season is cut short, prizes will be paid on a pro-rata basis, with all completed prizes paid at 100% while incomplete prizes calculated strictly pro-rata.

Here’s how that looks…

  • January and February Players of the Month… paid in full as they have been completed
  • Incomplete month… whoever is top (using the normal criteria) receives the split of the prize based on percentage of matches in that month completed
  • Top four places, tenth and twentieth… paid out pro-rata based on percentage of matches played in the whole game
  • One Round Wonder… paid out 100% as everyone has had the same opportunity to get that prize

Entry Money

After any prizes have been paid, the remaining money will be split evenly between all players and returned as credit or a refund if you wish – this is obviously only in the event that Coronavirus cuts the season short.

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