FPL & Coronavirus

Soon after the announcement that all professional football in England is to be postponed until at least the 04 April, the Official Fantasy Premier League Twitter account released the following guidelines.

All GW30 and GW31 fixtures are postponed and the intention is for the Premier League to return for GW32 on 4 April, subject to medical advice.

Our view or interesting point of each section is summarised in a comment box like this one.

Deadlines & Points

  • The deadlines for GW30 & GW31 will remain at their scheduled times.
  • Given all fixtures have been postponed for these Gameweeks, managers will earn 0 points for their players.
  • Any activity managers undertake ahead of each deadline will apply to that GW.

So, as far as how the game works, nothing has changed – use your transfer, set your team up, but you will score nil points for Gameweeks 30 and 31.

H2H Leagues and FPL Cup

  • If neither manager took points hits that GW then the H2H matches will be drawn and managers will earn 1pt each.

Head-to-head leagues will stagnate over the next two Gameweek. Most matches will be drawn if the same transfer activity is carried out by both teams. So be careful not to take hits on your transfers if your H2H league matters to you.

  • If both managers incurred no points hits, their scores will be zero and their FPL Cup match will be decided by a virtual coin toss.

Presumably if a team takes a transfer points hit, they will score -4 in the cup tie. If their opponent doesn’t, then they’ll lose the tie. Again, be careful with your hits if the FPL Cup matters to you.

Transfers, Wildcards & Chips

  • Managers must also be aware that any transfers made, Wildcards or chips played in a Gameweek where all the fixtures are postponed will not be reinstated.

Don’t waste those chips – simple! Obviously if you already did for GW30 because the announcement was so late, then unfortunately it’s wasted!

  • For managers who took a point hit for transfers, their GW scores will reflect points lost.

In other words, you’ll be scoring a minus for the Gameweek if you make more transfers than your free hit allowance. In this instance you’ll be falling down the rankings needlessly.

What Happens to the Postponed Fixtures?

  • It is the Premier League’s intention to reschedule the postponed fixtures when it is safe to do so.
  • Points scored in these fixtures will apply to the GW in which the fixtures are played.

Our understanding is that the next Gameweek will be 32, with GW30 and GW31’s matches added to later Gameweeks. This is of course on the assumption the season resumes on 04 April.

Official Fantasy Premier League went on to say… “These are exceptional circumstances and we appreciate the understanding of FPL managers while the situation evolves.”

I’m sure we all appreciate the difficulty in organising a game that nearly 8 million people play. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, especially in situations like this.

Stay safe everyone – be tolerant and sympathetic to others who might not be as strong as you.

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  1. Me and my grandson have done the next three seasons of the premier league using dice (die). We decided this year would be expunged as we both don’t like Liverpool. All results were true and verified by Duke the dog, HONEST. 2020/2021 1st Southampton 2nd Bournemouth 3rd Brighton. 2021/2022 1st Southampton 2nd Bournemouth 3rd Brighton 4th Portsmouth. 2022/2023 1st Bristol Rovers 2nd Southampton 3rd Bournemouth 4th Salisbury (after league reconstruction). Man City and Chelsea were both relegated to NPL. Dice made in Andover.

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