Coronavirus: Pro-Rata

Here we take a look at how things would pan out if the Premier League didn’t play anymore matches this season.

There is talk that the season may resume behind closed doors and if that happens we’ll carry on where we left off… but in the meantime, let’s see how the money will be spread around if there’s no more Premier League football this season.

A little while ago we published a story outlining what our plans would be if the season came to a premature end – the below is calculated based on that story.

You can find the full league table for Premier Predictions at the bottom of this post.

Paid In Full

Players of the Month for January and February

The two fully completed months of Game 02 will be paid in full, as everyone had the same opportunity to be top of those tables.

Interestingly January’s Player-of-the-Month prize was shared three ways, with Gareth Bridges, Miles Chapman and Keith West all taking £6.97 with their 30 points each. February saw Dave Mason takes the full £20.90 with his 29 points, one ahead of Gary Alcroft.

One Round Wonder

The One Round Wonder prize is the single largest pay out in this pro-rata solution. New boy Jeremy Wise made out like a bandit, taking the full £41.80. The reason it’s paid in full is because everyone had the same opportunity to secure that one round top score. Jeremy scored his 15 points in Round 06, displacing Scott Valenti’s 14 points from Round 01.

Pro-Rata Payments

All the remaining prizes would be paid on a pro-rata basis, dependent on how many matches were completed compared to the full amount.

Player of the Month: March

The remaining, part-played month (March) saw 46.15% (12 of 26) matches played before Coronavirus really kicked-in! Therefore Craig Ellis and Ian Hodgson, who were equal top for the month, will share 46% of the monthly prize between them, securing (a probably disappointing) £4.82 each!

‘Final’ League Places

All ‘final’ league placings would be paid on a pro-rata basis, with 46.20% of all the matches completed in Game 02. The top four places would all be paid on that basis as follows…

Top spot would go to Miles Chapman, even though he has the same points as Ian Hodgson (62) and appears in second on the table – this is because of alphabetical ordering. The deciding factor is exact scores and Miles tops Ian by 35 to 32 and takes £38.62. Therefore Ian would collect second place and £28.97.

Third and fourth places would both receive £19.31, and this would go to Gareth and Jeremy respectively. Jeremy would be adding to his One Round Wonder prize to receive the top value for Game 02 of £61.11.

Minor Places

In the minor places receiving payment, Craig Ellis would receive £19.31 for tenth. He and Darren Bellamt would both finish on 54 points, but Darren would be placed ninth as he has three more exacts than Craig.

Twentieth place would be picked up by both Simon Allen and Ben Alcroft as they have identical records and will receive (an almost not worth it!) £4.83.


Everyone who played (29 players) will receive £6.54 in credit towards another SPAGames game – that’s 1/29th of the remaining prize money of £228.43 – the original prize fund was £418.

Twenty Point Jackpot

Of course nobody picked up the Twenty Point Jackpot, so that stands at £66 when we get going again. It’s shame that, because I’d planned to run a reduced target for the jackpot over the Easter weekend fixtures – maybe next year?!

Full League Table

1. Ahmed Shahin* 0
2. Alex Bridges 0
3. Craig Ellis* 0
4. Cynthia West 0
5. Darren Addy 0
6. Darren Bellamy* 0
7. David Mason* 0
8. Gareth Bridges* 0
9. Gary Alcroft 0
10. Geoff Mockford 0
11. Ian Hodgson 0
12. Jamie Cox 0
13. Jason Brown 0
14. Keith West 0
15. Lawrence Sutton 0
16. Liam Sutton 0
17. Lloyd Hide 0
18. Marcus Allen 0
19. Mark Vincent 0
20. Martin Gayton 0
21. Martin Hayman 0
22. Martin Magookin* 0
23. Mike Hodgson**** 0
24. Miles Chapman* 0
25. Neale Ray 0
26. Nick Clark 0
27. Paul Vincent 0
28. Pete Sutton 0
29. Scott Symonds* 0

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