Coronavirus: Behind Closed Doors

We no longer need to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. Now we do need to stay alert to stay safe as well as take a long look at the Premier League table to remind ourselves what’s what, because football’s coming back and so is Premier Predictions.

You can find the full league table for Premier Predictions at the bottom of this post.

Matches are going to be played behind closed doors and they’re also going to be broadcast live, even the Saturday afternoon ones. So get yourself ready for back-to-back football for the rest of the season – 92 matches in just 39 days from 17 June!

Round 09

The continued season will start with two postponed matches from earlier in the season, followed almost immediately by a full set of fixtures on the weekend of a Friday 19 June. These weekend fixtures will be our Round 09.

We’ll pick up Premier Predictions where were left off. At the moment the fixture dates and times haven’t been confirmed, but when they are we’ll update our game and you can get predicting again. Remember, the deadline for each match is 15 minutes before the scheduled kick off time.

Player of the Month

With only a handful of matches played in March, we’ll be adding the matches played in June to those, creating a March/June Player-of-the-Month. The Remaining matches will be Player of the Month for July. The prizes for both of these new months will be unchanged (£20.90).

Twenty Point Jackpot

Of course nobody picked up the Twenty Point Jackpot in the first eight rounds, so that stands at £66 when we get going again.

Full League Table

1. Paul Vincent 18
2. Steve Keay^ 18
3. Liam Sutton 17
4. Simon Allen*** 17
5. Martin Hayman 16
6. David Mason* 15
7. Gareth Bridges* 15
8. Gary Alcroft 15
9. Martin Gayton 15
10. Mike Hodgson**** 15
11. Ahmed Shahin* 14
12. Carl Filer 14
13. Cynthia West 14
14. Nick Clark 14
15. Pete Sutton 14
16. Keith West 13
17. Lawrence Sutton 13
18. Marcus Allen 12
19. Martin Magookin* 12
20. Miles Chapman* 12
21. Shaun Allen 12
22. Lloyd Hide 12
23. Mark Vincent 12
24. Scott Valenti 12
25. Ian Hodgson 11
26. Jason Brown 11
27. Neale Ray 11
28. Scott Symonds* 11
29. Darren Addy 10

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