Coronavirus: 92 Matches in 39 Days

With the remaining 92 Premier League matches being crammed into just 39 days, there won’t be enough time to create a new story for each Premier Predictions round. So what we’ll be doing is adding a little bit of commentary in the feed below for each Round, starting with Round 09.

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Round 15

Round 15 saw four players tied at the top on 11 points – Dave Mason, Jamie Cox, Keith West and Martin Gayton – 11 points is a long way from the 20 Point Jackpot.

After his double fight round, Keith (38) is now top of the month table by one point from Shaun Allen, while Craig Ellis is points two further back on 35.

Overall Gareth Bridges is down to third from top, three points behind Keith who is now top. Miles Chapman is just one behind Keith on 112.

Overall Table – Top Ten after Round 15…

No match data available.

Round 14

Round 14 was pretty tame, with no-one managing to score ten or more points! Neale Ray was top of the class with just nine points. Shaun still remains top of the Monthly table on 31 points, three points ahead of Craig Ellis on 28. Behind Craig, Keith and Cynthia West both have 27 points.

Overall Gareth still leads the way with 104 points, just one point ahead of both Gary Alcroft and Miles Chapman on 103. The only other player to have topped 100 points so far is Keith West on 102.

Overall Table – Top Ten after Round 14…

No match data available.

Round 13

Keith West had a good week in Round 13, scoring 13 points. He moved up to fourth place overall just three points from top. Gareth is back leading the Overall table, but the top places have really closed up after the top four after Round 11 appeared to be pulling away.

Shaun Allen (28 points) continued his good form this month and still leads the Player of the Month table by three points from Craig Ellis (25), who in turn is one ahead of the previously mentioned Keith (24).

Overall Table – Top Ten after Round 13…

No match data available.

Round 12

Alex Bridges missed out on topping the One Round Wonder table – if only Everton could have equalised! As it is, his 13 point haul moved him up to sixth place Overall, just 1 point off Dave Mason in fourth place.

Shaun Allen has found some form and tops the final Player of the Month table, despite being in 20th place Overall.

Overall Table – Top after Round 12…

No match data available.

Round 11

In Round 11 Gary Alcroft wrapped up Player of the Month (£20.90) with one match to spare. Gary also won the March PotM in 2019.

Gareth’s lead was cut to three points after Gary’s good end to the month. Miles and Matt Carter are being pulled along too as the top four pull away from the rest.

Overall Table – Top Eight after Round 11…

No match data available.

Round 10

Martin Hayman and Gary Alcroft came close to tacking the One Round Wonder away from Jeremy, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t see Chelsea beating City 2-1. Both went 2-2 though – so, so close.

The Player of the Month Month table is close with just four matches left. There are just five points covering the top five with Gary top of the heap. Those four matches are played one a day from Saturday to Tuesday in Round 11.

Gareth’s Overall lead remains significant at 7 points. Behind him though it’s much closer with 5 points covering 2nd to 10th.

Overall Table – Top Six after Round 10…

No match data available.

Round 09

Gareth came flying out of the blocks after the restart to cement his place at the top of the pile, scoring 12 points in Round 09. He also leads the race for Player of the Month by two points from Gary Alcroft. The One Round Wonder to spot is still held by Jeremy with his 15 point scored in Round 06.

Overall Table – Top Six after Round 09…

No match data available.

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