SPAPP 2019/20 – Game 02: Finally Over!

The longest Premier League season ever has finally come to an end. The Covid-19 Lockdown added a 100 day break from mid-March and our Game 02 ended up lasting 198 days.

  • The Top Four
  • One Round Wonder and Twenty Point Jackpot
  • Tenth and Twentieth
  • Miles’ View: subtitle
  • Who Won What?
  • Next Season: Not Long to Wait

The Top Four

Miles Chapman stormed to the title by an impressive six points after being that amount off top when football returned in Round 09. Miles had been top early in the game (from match 32 to 66) and was never outside of the top four after Round 03. An impressive performance resulting in his first title in only his fourth game.

From match 83 to 145 Gareth Bridges was only not top for just 15 matches, but by the end of the game (170 matches) he was six points behind top and missed out on his second Premier Predictions title (the first being Game 02 of 2016/17).

Keith West missed out on the runners-up spot on the number of exact predictions after finishing on the same points as Gareth. Keith successfully predicted predicted 15 exact scores while Gareth managed 19, so Keith has to settle for third spot for the second time – the last time being Game 01 of 2018/19.

Fourth spot ended in the hands of Gary Alcroft, Gary entered the top four after Match 100 and never dropped lower again. He had a stint at the top of the table from 112 to 126, but eventually faded a little to finish in the final prize paying position at the top of the table.

One Round Wonder & Twenty Point Jackpot

Scott Valenti’s Round 01 score of 14 points was a really decent early marker in the One Round Wonder table. It stayed the score to beat until Jeremy Wise bettered it by one and scored 15. There were a few scares along the way, most noticeably Martin Hayman scoring 14 in Round 10, before Jeremy was able to claim the One Round Wonder prize.

Despite the End of Season Sale where the Twenty Point jackpot was reduced to 15 points, nobody managed to score the required points to collect the jackpot. As a result it will start Game 01 of next season at £74.

Tenth and Twentieth

After a promising start to Game 02 where he was challenging up in fifth place, Gareth Bridges slumped to 17th thirteen predictions later, before recovering post-lockdown to take the tenth place prize.

As an aside, Alex won our Euro 2016 competition and would have defended his title this Summer had it not been for Coronavirus – so he’ll have to wait until next Summer now.

John Bond ended his first season of Premier Predictions with the much talked about Twentieth place – many ‘aspired” to twentieth, but only two will be collecting it! The other player to be sharing that prize is former champion Scott Symonds who ended with an identical record to John.

Miles’ View: Good Luck Everyone

As is traditional now, we asked the newly crowned Champion to give us a few words, once the excitement of it all had subsided. After previously saying the star after his name was more important than the money, he went on to say …

“Looking forward to challenging again for top spot and really enjoyed how close it was all the way through the season. Good luck for next season everyone.”

Miles Chapman, Premier Predictions Champion – Game 2, 2019/20

Who Won What?

Miles Chapman£90.57Winner (£83.60)
PotM - January (£6.97)
Gareth Bridges£69.67Runner-up (£62.70)
PotM - January (6.97)
Gary Alcroft£62.70Fourth Place (£41.80)
PotM - June (£20.90)
Keith West£48.77Third Place (£41.80)
PotM - January (£6.97)
Alex Bridges£41.80Tenth Place
Jeremy Wise£41.80One Round Wonder
Dave Mason£20.90PotM - February
Shaun Allen£20.90PotM - July
Scott Symonds£10.45Twentieth Place
John Bond£10.45Twentieth Place

Next Season: Not Long to Wait

As you’ll know, the new season is not far away at all. Nick off for the 2020/21 season will be Saturday 12th September. I’ll send ‘official’ invites nearer the time, but let me know if you’re definitely in for Have 01, which of course will take us up to the New Year.

Talking of new, I’m considering introducing a cup competition to run alongside the standard game this year. I can’t release any details at the moment as I’m still formulating that plan.

Finally, thank you for playing Game 02 and I hope you enjoyed it. Stay safe, save lives.


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