Today’s Useful FPL Twitter Threads: Head to Head, Goalkeepers and a Handbook

Today we’re sharing three of the most interesting FPL Twitter Threads we saw over the weekend.

Head to Head Comparisons

Here @fplrover does some pretty useful comparison work between players with similar price points, positions and points last season. The graphics are colourful and at the same time useful. It’s a great thread that deserves your attention.

Goalkeepers and GIF’s

Here the GIF Master @EricDFreeman takes a look at what you should be considering when it comes to selecting your Goalkeepers. As is normal with Eric, the thread is littered with fantastic GIF’s – we’re particular fans of the dive in post 7.

A Thorough Handbook

Here we have a very thorough thread indeed from @FPLBrain. It’s a 34 page guide to FPL aimed at beginner and intermediate managers. Oh, and it’s also available as a pdf – just complete the simple request form.

Premier Predictions – Your Invite

Premier Predictions is our flagship predictions game. If you’re interested to know more, take a look at our invitation to the next game which kicks off at the start of next season.

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