Today’s Useful FPL Twitter Threads: Leicester, 5m Defenders and Value v Premium

Today we’re sharing three of the most interesting FPL Twitter Threads we’ve seen in the last 24 hours.

Leicester Inside Information

Strictly speaking it’s not really inside information, but what it is, is a good look at six main Leicester assets for the new season by @AaronLagor.

Value Assets v Premium Assets

Here @afc_fpl argues that value assets trump premium assets. It’s an involved thread and I found myself having to concentrate quite a lot… not my strongest skill that!

5.0m Defenders of Note

While there’s a lot of talk regarding premium and bench-warming defenders, @FplNicholas takes a look at the middle-ground defenders at the 5.0m price point.

Premier Predictions – Your Invite

Premier Predictions is our flagship predictions game. If you’re interested to know more, take a look at our invitation to the next game which kicks off at the start of next season.

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