Today’s Useful FPL Twitter Threads: New Chips, Expected Numbers and Should you get Phil Foden?

Today we’re sharing three of the most interesting FPL Twitter Threads we’ve seen recently.

New Chips

Here @FPL_Raptor takes a look at five exciting new chips that could be introduced into FPL. I particularly liked the look of the Abandoned Formation Chip.

Expected Numbers

xG and xA numbers are banded around a lot. In this thread @FPLnumbers take a look at those players who under and over achieved in 2019/20. As an aside, I really do like the presentation style of FPL Numbers tables.

Phil Foden

Phil Foden performed well from an FPL perspective post-lockdown. Here @GianniButtice takes a look at the merits of the Man City midfielder for the coming season.

Premier Predictions – Your Invite

Premier Predictions is our flagship predictions game. If you’re interested to know more, take a look at our invitation to the next game which kicks off at the start of next season.

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