Today’s Useful FPL Twitter Threads: 1st September

Today we’re sharing three of the most interesting FPL Twitter Threads we saw over the weekend.

Notes to Self

For me, this was the most important thread I saw over the weekend, especially the line “…when the fun stops, close the web page and hug your kids.” I know we don’t all have kids, but @BantsDadFPL really hit a chord there I think.

Mid-Priced Forwards

Are you still deciding if you need a mid-priced Forward? Here @FPLredman takes a look at the likes of Ings, Jimenez and DCL.

Stats v Eye Test

Which is your preferred method? Your eyes or the stats? @fplstonkss explains why you should be using a combination of the two.

Premier Predictions – Your Invite

Premier Predictions is our flagship predictions game. If you’re interested to know more, take a look at our invitation to the next game which is now open for entries.

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