New Feature: SPAPP League Cup

For the first time ever, we’re introducing a Cup into the world of Premier Predictions – it has it’s own sponsor and everything!


So, our new addition to the ways you can win money is the SPAPP League Cup, and like the real world League Cup we have a sponsor in the form of SACS – Stock Audit and Compliance Services.

SACS offer stock audit and compliance services across the whole of the South of England, specialising in licensed premises. Contact Shaun now on 07976 178265 or at [email protected] for a chat.


Also as in the real world, the format of our new competition will follow a two-legged affair, with the combined scores of both legs being added up to determine the tie winner and who will progress on into the next round.

The full rules of SPAPP League Cup can be found on our rules page. Basically though, the cup will be broken into rounds. The number of rounds will depend on how many players we have enter the game. The fixtures in each round will be determined by a random draw.

There will be a preliminary round to reduce the number of players down to a knock-out friendly number (probably 32). Those who are towards the top of the Overall Table after the cut-off will avoid playing in the Preliminary Round.

In each round there will be two legs. The points scored in the Rounds of each leg will be added together to give us the aggregate total. Whichever player has the highest aggregate total in each fixture will progress to the next round.

Prize Money

I guess the most important information for many of you is what’s the prize. Well the winner of the inaugural SPAPP League Cup will win £35, while the runner-up will collect £15.

I’ll share more details in the Facebook Group Chat as we decide on the cut-off date and make the draws.

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