David (@FPLHaggis): Who am I?

I’m delighted to introduce our first guest writer to SPA-Games. We hope it’s a long and fruitful partnership, and based on what David has already sent me, I think you’re going to enjoy his musings, starting with this introduction.

Football Obsessive

Firstly, my name is David (@FPLHaggis) and I am a football obsessive. Throughout my life I have played and managed at amateur level, held a season ticket at my local club (Raith Rovers, for my sins) and watched more football on television than is probably healthy for an adult male now in their thirties.

I have played FPL seriously for the last 4 years, (and casually for many before that) and I must confess that at some point during this time I began to consume my football primarily through the prism of FPL.

This is not to say I have sold my soul completely – with Manchester United as my English interest, the results always come first. However, I am sure we are all familiar with our traditional stance on an opposing team’s players softening when their assets are scoring well for our fantasy teams. Having had to stock up on Manchester City and Liverpool players has been…challenging.

Solid Returns

In this time I have achieved consecutive ranks of 18k, 83k, 29k and 32k – a solid, if unspectacular return. My competitive edge is what has led to this creeping addiction to the game – it is my objective to achieve the holy grail of the 4-digit rank and I feel that the learnings from these seasons can serve as a good platform to do so.

@FPLHaggis Rank History

I would describe my play-style in the last two seasons as conservative – and the results have matched. My strength is in building balanced squads to ensure a slow march to the top 100k, but I have neglected the occasional high-risk manoeuvre that can elevate one to the upper echelons; something I must incorporate into my game.

Hell for Leather

I can pin-point where this originates from; in the ‘83k season’ I adopted a hell-for-leather approach whilst ranked 24k in GW36 and took a -12 hit (my second of that season) to remove Gross, Mahrez and Vardy ahead of a double game week. I remember this because it still hurts to think about Gross scoring in a 1-0 win vs United in the opening fixture of GW36, followed by weeks of further hauls culminating in a final day 5-4 goal-frenzy between Tottenham and Leicester.

Pascal Gross

Now, I’m aware that this piece does not contain the hints & tricks to success which we have grown accustomed to around social-media; my future work will be more traditionally aligned with such content. But I can offer one piece of advice, in the context of the above, which is to aim for the stars this season; truly back your own selections and thought-processes. Play with an ‘In-it-to-win-it’ style. It is what I intend to do. And also captain KDB at home more often.


Please note however that my contributions here will not be a diary about my season to date – I only reminisce at this juncture to demonstrate my relationship with the game – I enjoy thinking about FPL decisions throughout the week and I intend to share some of that head-space, and hopefully insight, with you.

So I must thank Simon at SPA Games for the opportunity to contribute to the FPL content on the site. And of course I hope that you the reader will enjoy my witterings on the game.

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