League Cup 2020/21 – Game 01

The 2020/21 season sees the introduction of a cup to Premier Predictions for the first time – the SACS League Cup. It’ll closely follow the format of the real life league cup, with two legged rounds starting with a Preliminary Round.

The League Cup is being sponsored by SACS who offer stock audit and compliance services across the whole of the South of England, specialising in licensed premises. Contact Shaun now on 07976 178265 or at [email protected] for a chat.

You can read the Rules of the Game to find out what happens in the event of both players having equal aggregate scores after two legs.


Darren Addy57Steve Keay

A low key Final was decided by just two points, but unfortunately there was no exciting climax to our first ever League Cup competition. Going in to the last evening of the Final, Darren was trailing by two points, but would still have been holding out hope.

No Wolves Win

With two matches to predict, both players went for a Wolves win away to Burnley in the early evening kick-off. Alas, that was where the Final as a competitive fixture would end. Burnley eventually won 2-1, leaving Darren with a two point gap to make up in the final prediction – Chelsea v West Ham.

Both finalists predictably predicted a Chelsea victory… 2-1 for Steve and 3-1 for Darren. At this point, Darren’s only hope was to secure a three-point result, which would have drawn him level with Steve. The next deciding factor from there is total Exact predictions in the Final, which would have been one each. The final nail in the coffin for Derren would have been the next tie-breaker – Overall League Position after the final.

Steve Crowned

Darren was ten points behind Steve and therefore could hold out no more hope that his debut game would result in a trophy win. As it turned out, Chelsea’s 3-0 victory removed the need for any tie-breakers and Steve walks away with £35 and the first League Cup title. Darren will collect £15 for his efforts. Well done both.

Road to the Final…

Darren Addy

  • 9-5 v Jason Brown
  • 11-9 v Marcus Allen
  • 11-10 v Miles Chapman
  • 12-10 v Scott Valenti

Steve Keay

  • 5-3 v Nick Clark
  • 13-10 v Craig Ellis
  • 15-11 v Jamie Cox
  • 13-13 v Darren Bellamy


The first leg of the semi-finals was a close affair, with no more than two points covering covering either tie going into the deciding weekend (Game Round 12).

In the seconds legs, Darren Addy and Scott Valenti drew the second 3-3, allowing Darren through by virtue of winning the first leg by two points. In the other semi-final, Darren Bellamy will feel unfortunate to have missed out, drawing 13 all with Steve Keay, but ultimately falling at the penultimate hurdle.

Darren Addy1210Scott Valenti
Darren Bellamy1313Steve Keay*

*Steve progresses to the final based on scoring more points in the first leg – this is after they tied 13-13 on aggregate and both predicted one exact result each across the two legs.

Quarter Finals

The Quarter-Finals second legs were played in Game Round 10, and the semi-final line-up is now known.

Darren Addy went through to the final four after a close fought one point aggregate win over Miles, who couldn’t follow up his League win with a League Cup victory. Darren Bellamy limped over the line with a two point second leg – good job he had a decent lead over Gareth after the first leg.

Scott Valenti triumphed in the lowest scoring tie of the quarter-finals, scoring just nine points across the two legs, which was obviously better than Neale’s seven! Steve Keay had two strong Game Rounds (seven and eight points) to see of Jamie Cox. Jamie’s eleven points would have been enough to beat four other quarter-finalists and drew with another two – unlucky Jamie.

Darren Addy11-10Miles Chapman
Gareth Bridges6-11Darren Bellamy
Neale Ray7-9Scott Valenti
Steve Keay15-11Jamie Cox

Round of 16

The only player to overturn a first leg deficit was Gareth – he was 8-7 down to Martin Hayman before winning the second leg 8-6 and taking the tie by a single point. That was close, but not as close as Neale v Shaun, which was eventually decided by league position after points scored, most exacts and first leg result wasn’t enough to separate them!

Alex Bridges12 – 16Scott Valenti
Craig Ellis10 – 13Steve Keay
Darren Addy11 – 9Marcus Allen
Gareth Bridges15 – 14Martin Hayman
Jamie Cox15 – 9Geoff Mockford
Liam Sutton11 – 15Darren Bellamy
Miles Chapman15 – 12Ahmed Shahin
Neale Ray*13 – 13Shaun Allen

*Neale won by virtue of being in a higher league position Overall than Shaun after the second leg. They drew both legs (9-9, then 4-4) and both achieved two exact score predictions.

Round of 32

The largest aggregate win in the Round of 32 was Alex’s 14-4 win over Martin Gayton, while the lowest scoring tie was Steve Keay’s 5-3 win over Nick. Jeremy’s aggregate score of 13 was surprisingly not good enough to win, with Craig’s 16 points seeing to that – Jeremy’s score would have been good enough to beat 25 of the other players in the round.

Alex Bridges14 – 4Martin Gayton
Ben Alcroft8 – 11Ahmed Shahin
Craig Ellis16 – 13Jeremy Wise
Darren Bellamy16 – 9John Bond
Geoff Mockford12 – 7Cynthia West
Ian Hodgson5 – 12Neale Ray
Jamie Cox17 – 12Lloyd Hide
Jason Brown5 – 9Darren Addy
Keith West4 – 8Liam Sutton
Lawrence Sutton10 – 18Scott Valenti
Marcus Allen12 – 7Gary Alcroft
Miles Chapman12 – 11Mark Vincent
Nick Clark3 – 5Steve Keay
Paul Vincent3 – 9Shaun Allen
Scott Symonds4 – 10Martin Hayman
Simon Allen3 – 7Gareth Bridges

Preliminary Round

Craig and Keith won their Preliminary Round by a single point on aggregate, with previous League Winners Martin Magookin and Mike Hodgson both missing out. Martin Hayman had the “luxury” of a two point win over another former League Winner in Dave Mason. The final spot in the Round of 32 was taken by Gareth with his extra-time win over Matt Carter, 2-0 on exact predictions across the two game rounds.

Craig Ellis12 – 11Martin Magookin
David Mason10 – 12Martin Hayman
Keith West10 – 9Mike Hodgeson
Matt Carter9 – 9Gareth Bridges

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