SPAPP 2020/21 – Game 01 – Round 10

We’ve a new One Round Wonder leader, the Player of the Month for November is coming to an end and the SACS League Cup is entering its final stages…

  • Game Round 09: Review
  • One Round Wonder: New Leader
  • Player of the Month: November
  • League Cup: Quarter Finals
  • Twenty Point Jackpot: £83
  • League Tables at the bottom of this post

Game Round 09: Review

As well as hitting the top of the One Round Wonder table (see below), Liam has moved up to sixth place in the Overall table, just four points from Jeremy in first place (66 points). Darren Bellamy and Ahmed are one point behind on 65. Liam is just one point behind his brother, Lawrence, now.

One Round Wonder: New Leader

When he scored 13 points in Game Round 01, Ben wouldn’t have expected that to last until Game Round 09, but it did. Liam went into the last match of the weekend (Wolves v Southampton) on Monday night with a 2-2 prediction and needing just a single point.

Goals from Walcott and Neto were enough to secure top spot in the One Round Wonder table – but for how long? You’ll need to be scoring 15 points to dislodge Liam and prevent him collecting the £52.40 prize. You can remind yourself of all the prizes available.

Player of the Month: November

Game Round 10 is the last opportunity to score points in Novembers Player of the Month. All predictions in the round will count as the first of December doesn’t arrive until Tuesday. As things stand, Ian is top with 23 points, two points ahead of Lawrence. With five points covering the top ten in November’s table, it’s anyone’s £26.20.

League Cup: Quarter Finals

The second legs of the quart finals will be played this weekend in the SACS League Cup. To see all the results of the first legs you’ll need to go to the SACS League Cup page. That page also has some commentary on each round and leg.

Twenty Point Jackpot: £83

The Twenty Point Jackpot moves on to £83 for Round 10. If any player manages to score 20 points in a single Round, then they will win the jackpot amount. The jackpot will increase by £1 for each Round nobody manages this feat.

League Tables

Click on the table you would like to view below – Round, Month or Overall. Click on the table heading again to close it, or select a different table.


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