SPAPP 2020/21 – Game 01 – Round 11

Only nine matches this weekend, only updating once per day, League Cup and Twenty Point Jackpot up to £84…

  • Game Round 10: Review
  • Updates: Once per Day
  • League Cup: Quarter Finals
  • Twenty Point Jackpot: Up to £84
  • League Tables at the bottom of this post

Game Round 09: Review

Former Champion Scott Symonds had a decent week, scoring ten points for the second week in four – he also scored ten in Game Round seven. Those points move him up to 60 points and twelfth place.

At the top Jeremy (74 points) now has a decent five point lead over Lia m(69) in second, while another new player, Ahmed is one point further back on 68 points alongside Jamie Cox who is having his best game for a while, or maybe ever?

In Game Round 10 there are only nine matches to predict, as the Villa v Newcastle match has been cancelled due to Covid.

Player of the Month: November

Ian Hodgson (27 points)managed to secure the Player of the Month title for November, finishing just one point ahead Liam and Jeremy in a tense end to the weekend on Monday. Ian will collect £26.20 for his efforts.

December’s Player of the Month will see us right through to Game Round 16 and the end of SPAPP Game 01.

Updates: Once per Day

Life has become pretty hectic for me recently. It has become especially tricky to update regularly during the day, especially since the kick-offs have been happening at ten different times during the weekend. In an effort to lessen the load, I’ll only be updating the results once a day, once all of the matches have been completed.

Also, to help on this front, here is how you can see what everyone has predicted for each match, though not until 15 minutes before kick-off (obviously)…

  • Go to the Player Predictions page – you can get there by using that link or by clicking on any name in the League Tables.
  • Then click on the red, yellow, blue pie chart next to the match you’re interested in.
  • You’ll then be able to see everyone’s predictions for that match

League Cup: Quarter Finals

The second legs of the quart finals were played last weekend in the SACS League Cup. To see all the results you’ll need to go to the SACS League Cup page. That page also has some commentary on each round and leg. The semi draw was also made.

Twenty Point Jackpot: £84

The Twenty Point Jackpot moves on to £84 for Round 11. If any player manages to score 20 points in a single Round, then they will win the jackpot amount. The jackpot will increase by £1 for each Round nobody manages this feat.

League Tables

Click on the table you would like to view below – Round, Month or Overall. Click on the table heading again to close it, or select a different table.


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