SPAPP 2020/21 – Game 01 – Rounds 12 & 13

A good Game Round was had, League Cup semi-finals and the End of Game Calendar, coz you need to know…

  • Game Round 11: Review
  • League Cup: Semi-finals
  • End of Game: Calendar
  • Twenty Point Jackpot: Up to £85
  • League Tables at the bottom of this post

Game Round 11: Review

Thirteen players scored double points in Game Round 11, including three with 13 and four with 12 points – a decent weekend indeed.

Overall Jeremy (82 points) maintains his useful lead at the top, even though Liam (78) chipped away one point last weekend. Darren and Steve are both on 76 points, just behind the top two and are both in the League Cup semi-final, so both going well. Ahmed is also on 76 points.

There won’t be an update like this between Game Rounds 12 and 13 as there is only one day from the end of one and the start of the next. I will update the League Cup page though once that has completed on Sunday.

League Cup: Semi-finals

The first legs of the semi-finals were played last weekend in the SACS League Cup. To see all the results you’ll need to go to the SACS League Cup page. That page also has some commentary on each round and leg. The semi-finals will be decided this coming weekend ahead of the Final in Game Round 14 (see below).

End of Season: Calendar

The end of Game 01 is rapidly approaching – there’s just five Game Rounds left now, but there’s quite a lot to squeeze in still, especially considering we’re in mid-December already! Here’s what you need to know…

  • Game Round 12 – SACS League Cup Semi Final, second legs
  • Game Round 13 – Midweek fixtures to predict
  • Game Round 14 – SACS League Cup Final
  • Game Round 15 – 20 Point Jackpot Winter Sale (details to come)
  • Game Round 16 – the final matches of Game 01

And at some point, I’ll need to be inviting you all to Game 02 of the 2020/21 season. That will start on Tuesday 12 January, and will be a massive 21 Game Rounds long!

Twenty Point Jackpot: £85

The Twenty Point Jackpot moves on to £85 for Round 11. If any player manages to score 20 points in a single Round, then they will win the jackpot amount. The jackpot will increase by £1 for each Round nobody manages this feat.

League Tables

Click on the table you would like to view below – Round, Month or Overall. Click on the table heading again to close it, or select a different table.


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