SPAPP 2020: Jackpot Winter Sale

To keep everyone involved in what promises to be an exciting end to Game 01, we’re having a Winter Sale on the Twenty Point Jackpot.

For Round 15 only, you’ll only need to score 15 points to secure 50% of the current Twenty Point Jackpot fund – that’s £43.00 for achieving 15 points. That’s the set of fixtures covering Boxing Day and the 27th December.


The more astute of you will have calculated that should you achieve the 15 points, that could be £95.40, because you would likely collect the One Round Wonder prize as well!!

In the event that two or more players achieve 15 points in Round 15, the 50% prize will be shared. If somebody actually manages to score twenty points, then they will collect the full Jackpot prize (£73.00) and the Winter Sale will be null and void.

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