SPAPP News: Game 02 Delay

Back at the start of Game 01 I said Game 02 would start on 12th January 2021. In a season of uncertainty, I’ve had a rethink and decided it would be better if I started it a little bit later.

I’ve earmarked Friday 15th January as the revised start date – delaying until then will give me a few more days to get organised amid the disruption of COVID. It’ll still give us a decent length game of around 17 Game Rounds.

The entry fee will remain at £25 and there will still be 14 different ways to win a prize including the League Cup which seemed to go down well in its first outing during Game 01.

New Players

New players will be welcome to join the game, though because of the limited turn around time I’ll be spending less time looking for new recruits myself.

This will be twentieth game of Premier Predictions and it would be great to have a record number of players, so if you have anyone you would like to invite, feel free.

At the moment there’s no story about Game 02 specifically, but you can send them to the SPAPP information page where they can join the game.

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