Premier Predictions: History

Here you can see a roundup of each game of SPAPP that has been played since that first game back at the start of the 2011/12 season.

There are two sections: the top section shows the total combined number of points scored by each of the players ever to have entered Premier Predictions, while the second section is the one that contains the final positions for each completed Game of SPAPP.

In this table you'll see Total Games Played, Total Points Scored, Average Points per Game and Most Points for a single Game for every player ever to play SPAGames Premier Predictions. Click the All Time Points heading to open and click it again to close. You can click on the column headings to re-order the table and click on it again to reverse the current order.

NB If you're viewing on a mobile you'll probably have to flip into landscape to see all of the columns, unless you're using a massive screen!

Simon Allen20130.61622,612
Mike Hodgson20125.71702,514
Gareth Bridges20121.01532,419
Dave Mason20116.11432,321
Martin Hayman18127.91562,302
Jason Brown20113.01352,260
Martin Gayton17129.11692,195
Shaun Allen20108.91392,178
Chris Eastment16119.81621,917
Alex Bridges16118.51571,896
Darren Bellamy14124.71521,746
Dan Jewell12122.91501,475
Jamie Cox12116.91561,403
Cynth West11122.51541,348
Jamie Sawyer10127.81571,278
Mark Vincent10125.11491,251
Trevor Shipton11112.81451,241
Ian Hodgson10122.11491,221
Keith West9122.71651,104
Jemma Gibbons9120.31401,083
Craig Ellis9119.61381,076
Steve Keay7123.6159865
Gary Alcroft6128.7150772
Scott Symonds6125.8156755
Neale Ray6124.0149744
Martin Magookin6123.3160740
Lloyd Hide6118.3143710
Marcus Allen6114.7147688
Damian Chapman6110.3137662
Max Higgins6108.2133649
Miles Chapman6105.5139633
Sharon Higgins6101.3117608
Sarah Allum5111.8126559
Ben Alcroft5109.2129546
Tom Thorne5102.8121514
Derek Wilson4120.5136482
Kevin Prowse4115.5130462
Scott Valenti4115.5149462
Matt Carter4103.8138415
Chris Lye499.8111399
Malcolm Harvey3118.3123355
Chris McCormack3118.0137354
Gordon Allen3109.0122327
Anthony Gribbon3106.7112320
John Bond394.3129283
Paul Jolley2129.0131258
Lawrence Sutton2128.5153257
Ahmed Shahin2125.5143251
Liam Sutton2123.0143246
Nick Clark2121.0157242
Rachel Gibbons2112.5122225
Jeremy Wise2111.0120222
Paul Vincent2109.0135218
Darren Addy2107.5132215
Robert Palmer2103.5114207
Geoff Mockford2103.5125207
Deano Bellamy2101.5112203
Pete Sutton1160.0160160
Carl Filer1148.0148148
Matt Aragones1140.0140140
Paul Marsden1125.0125125
Ryan Bareham1113.0113113
Jamie Kermode1108.0108108
Bruno Strapcans1106.0106106
Jamie Lundgren1104.0104104
Dan McNeil1102.0102102
June Allum198.09898
Neil Pluckrose195.09595
Rico-Bradley Ellis189.08989
Jason Eldridge181.08181
Ian McPhee161.06161

Click on the Game/Year you would like to view – click on it again to close or choose a different Game/Year. The years and Games go from the most recent at the top to the oldest at the bottom.

1Pete Sutton160
2Nick Clark157
3Lawrence Sutton153
4Scott Valenti149
5Alex Bridges^148
6Carl Filer148
7Martin Magookin*147
8Simon Allen***147
9Gareth Bridges*145
10Martin Gayton145
11Liam Sutton143
12Ahmed Shahin*143
13David Mason*143
14Steve Keay^143
15Mark Vincent143
16Gary Alcroft142
17Shaun Allen139
18Craig Ellis*138
19Mike Hodgson****138
20Darren Bellamy*138
21Keith West135
22Paul Vincent135
23Martin Hayman134
24Ian Hodgson132
25Darren Addy132
26Lloyd Hide129
27Cynthia West127
28Marcus Allen126
29Geoff Mockford125
30Neale Ray123
31Scott Symonds*122
32Jamie Cox120
33Jason Brown97
34Miles Chapman*32

1Ahmed Shahin108
2Craig Ellis104
3Lawrence Sutton104
4Liam Sutton103
5Darren Bellamy102
6Jeremy Wise102
7Jamie Cox101
8Martin Hayman100
9Simon Allen100
10Steve Keay98
11Neale Ray97
12Lloyd Hide96
13Scott Valenti96
14Mike Hodgson95
15Scott Symonds95
16David Mason94
17Shaun Allen93
18Cynthia West91
19Alex Bridges90
20Marcus Allen89
21Ian Hodgson89
22Gary Alcroft88
23Miles Chapman87
24Martin Gayton87
25Nick Clark85
26Mark Vincent84
27Paul Vincent83
28Darren Addy83
29Geoff Mockford82
30Ben Alcroft79
31Martin Magookin78
32Keith West77
33Jason Brown77
34Gareth Bridges76
35John Bond50
36Matt Carter50

1Miles Chapman130
2Gareth Bridges124
3Keith West124
4Gary Alcroft123
5Craig Ellis120
6Jeremy Wise120
7Dave Mason120
8Ian Hodgson117
9Matt Carter116
10Alex Bridges115
11Martin Hayman114
12Martin Gayton111
13Shaun Allen110
14Scott Valenti110
15Ben Alcroft107
16Steve Keay107
17Jamie Cox106
18Mark Vincent105
19Simon Allen104
20John Bond104
21Scott Symonds104
22Cynthia West102
23Lloyd Hide99
24Mike Hodgson99
25Neale Ray98
26Martin Magookin97
27Darren Bellamy92
28Marcus Allen90
29Jason Brown71

1Martin Magookin160
2Gareth Bridges153
3Simon Allen153
4Martin Hayman 148
5Neale Ray142
6Darren Bellamy140
7Shaun Allen135
8Jason Brown135
9Mike Hodgson134
10Lloyd Hide134
11Steve Keay133
12Martin Gayton132
13Mark Vincent131
14Gary Alcroft131
15Marcus Allen129
16John Bond129
17David Mason128
18Miles Chapman126
19Cynthia West126
20Scott Symonds126
21Paul Marsden125
22Craig Ellis125
23Ian Hodgson123
24Alex Bridges122
25Jamie Cox115
26Ben Alcroft114
27Keith West114
28Matt Carter111
29Scott Valenti107
30Chris Eastment90

1Scott Symonds152
2Simon Allen144
3Gary Alcroft138
4Neale Ray135
5Martin Gayton135
6Mike Hodgson134
7David Mason133
8Darren Bellamy132
9Shaun Allen130
10Jason Brown127
11Keith West125
12Gareth Bridges124
13Martin Hayman124
14Derek Wilson123
15Miles Chapman119
16Ben Alcroft117
17Damian Chapman117
18Jamie Sawyer117
19Cynthia West115
20Alex Bridges115
21Martin Magookin114
22Mark Vincent113
23Chris Lye110
24Chris Eastment109
25Lloyd Hide109
26Jamie Cox107
27Marcus Allen107
28Ian Hodgson106
29Jamie Lundgren104
30Steve Keay104
31Craig Ellis102

1Mike Hodgson170
2Martin Gayton169
3Keith West165
4Simon Allen162
5Chris Eastment162
6Steve Keay159
7Alex Bridges157
8Jamie Cox156
9Scott Symonds156
10Martin Hayman155
11Cynthia West154
12Gary Alcroft150
13Mark Vincent149
14Neale Ray149
15Ian Hodgson149
16Marcus Allen147
17Darren Bellamy146
18Martin Magookin144
19Lloyd Hide143
20Jamie Sawyer141
21Matt Aragones140
22Jemma Gibbons140
23Miles Chapman139
24Matt Carter138
25Gareth Bridges135
26Dave Mason130
27Trevor Shipton130
28Ben Alcroft129
29Jason Brown128
30Tom Thorne121
31Craig Ellis117
32Chris Lye111
33Shaun Allen104
34Rico-Bradley Ellis89
35Damian Chapman88

1Craig Ellis129
2Martin Hayman124
3Steve Keay121
4Ian Hodgson120
5Jamie Sawyer119
6Cynthia West117
7Keith West117
8Jamie Cox114
9David Mason114
10Martin Gayton114
11Simon Allen113
12Mike Hodgson112
13Trevor Shipton110
14Chris Eastment109
15Gareth Bridges105
16Mark Vincent105
17Darren Bellamy99
18Jason Brown98
19Derek Wilson98
20Alex Bridges95
21Damian Chapman87
22Chris Lye82
23Shaun Allen78
24Ian McPhee61

1Jamie Sawyer157
2Martin Hayman156
3Darren Bellamy152
4Ian Hodgson149
5Martin Gayton148
6Trevor Shipton145
7Cynthia West144
8Simon Allen141
9Mark Vincent139
10Chris Eastment138
11Derek Wilson136
12Dan Jewell134
13Jason Brown134
14Alex Bridges131
15Mike Hodgson128
16Gareth Bridges127
17Jamie Cox126
18David Mason126
19Craig Ellis119
20Damian Chapman116
21Shaun Allen32

1Gareth Bridges149
2Mark Vincent147
3Darren Bellamy146
4Martin Hayman144
5Jamie Sawyer140
6Mike Hodgson135
7Simon Allen135
8Martin Gayton133
9Dan Jewell133
10Chris Eastment126
11Alex Bridges125
12Derek Wilson125
13Jamie Cox124
14Ian Hodgson123
15Craig Ellis122
16Damian Chapman117
17David Mason116
18Shaun Allen110
19Trevor Shipton110
20Jason Brown105

1Jamie Sawyer156
2Simon Allen146
3Martin Gayton142
4Darren Bellamy142
5Martin Hayman141
6Mike Hodgson139
7Gareth Bridges139
8Damian Chapman137
9Mark Vincent135
10Dan Jewell132
11Alex Bridges119
12Jason Brown115
13Jamie Cox114
14Ian Hodgson113
15Trevor Shipton110
16Shaun Allen106
17Dave Mason90
18Tom Allen83

1Dave Mason127
2Martin Gayton122
3Mike Hodgson121
4Martin Hayman119
5Gareth Bridges112
6Jamia Sawyer111
7Anthony Gribbon110
8Shaun Allen109
9Darren Bellamy105
10Dan Jewell105
11Jason Brown105
12Trevor Shipton104
13Dan McNeil102
14Jamie Cox100
15Sarah Allum100
16Simon Allen97
17Chris Eastment97
18Chris Lye96
19Alex Bridges94
20Tom Allen93

1Darren Bellamy123
2Simon Allen121
3Jamie Cox120
4Jamie Sawyer120
5Alex Bridges119
6Jason Brown118
7Martin Gayton113
8Ryan Bareham113
9Martin Hayman112
10Chris Eastment106
11Gareth Bridges105
12Sarah Allum104
13Dave Mason101
14Mike Hodgson100
15Trevor Shipton100
16Tom Allen100
17Anthony Gribbon98
18Shaun Allen98
19Jemma Rogers98
20Dan Jewell93

1Simon Allen150
2Chris Eastment143
3Martin Hayman137
4Dan Jewell136
5Alex Bridges135
6Martin Gayton129
7Sarah Allum126
8Mike Hodgson125
9Shaun Allen122
10Gareth Bridges120
11Jason Brown120
12Jemma Rogers118
13Tom Allen117
14Anthony Gribbon112
15Jamie Sawyer107
16Darren Bellamy104
17Trevor Shipton103
18Rachel Gibbons103
19Dave Mason91
20Deano Bellamy91

1Dan Jewell150
2Martin Gayton137
3Shaun Allen131
4Simon Allen130
5Jason Brown129
6Mike Hodgson128
7Jemma Rogers127
8Darren Bellamy125
9Chris Eastment125
10Trevor Shipton124
11Dave Mason123
12Rachel Gibbons122
13Alex Bridges122
14Martin Hayman122
15Gareth Bridges113
16Dean Bellamy112
17Jamie Sawyer110
18Sarah Allum108
19Bruno Strapcans106
20Neil Pluckrose102

1Simon Allen134
2Martin Gayton132
3Dan Jewell126
4Jason Brown123
5Sarah Allum121
6Mike Hodgson117
7Alex Bridges116
8Robert Palmer114
9Gordon Allen112
10Shaun Allen112
11Dave Mason112
12Jemma Rogers112
13Jamie Kermode108
14Martin Hayman108
15Max Higgins107
16Gareth Bridges97
17Chris Eastment96
18Trevor Shipton96
19Sharon Higgins95

1Mike Hodgson122
2Jemma Rogers118
3Martin Hayman117
4Trevor Shipton109
5Martin Gayton107
6Gareth Bridges107
7Simon Allen105
8Jason Brown102
9June Allum98
10Dan Jewell96
11Chris Eastment96
12Shaun Allen95
13Dave Mason93
14Gordon Allen93
15Robert Palmer93
16Alex Bridges90
17Chris McCormack89
18Max Higgins86
19Jason Eldridge81
20Sharon Higgins73

1Mike Hodgson145
2Martin Gayton139
3Martin Hayman135
4Jemma Rogers133
5Max Higgins133
6Dan Jewell131
7Chris McCormack128
8Paul Jolley127
9Chris Eastment124
10Gordon Allen122
11Simon Allen121
12Keith West121
13Malcolm Harvey119
14Dave Mason117
15Jason Brown116
16Cynth West108
17Gareth Bridges105
18Kevin Prowse98
19Sharon Higgins95
20Shaun Allen86

1Mike Hodgson140
2Chris McCormack137
3Simon Allen136
4Shaun Allen131
5Paul Jolley131
6Dan Jewell130
7Kevin Prowse130
8Cynth West129
9Gareth Bridges128
10Keith West126
11Chris Eastment123
12Malcolm Harvey123
13Jason Brown122
14Jemma Rogers122
15Sharon Higgins117
16Dave Mason112
17Martin Hayman112
18Max Higgins108

1Simon Allen140
2Cynth West135
3Chris Eastment134
4Jason Brown130
5Dave Mason128
6Shaun Allen127
7Malcolm Harvey113
8Jemma Rogers111
9Sharon Higgins111
10Gareth Bridges110
11Dan Jewell109
12Kevin Prowse104
13Max Higgins104
14Mike Hodgson98

Data for this game has been lost to the ashes of a former laptop! While the names and points are correct, some players are missing and the positions couldn't be guaranteed.

-Gareth Bridges145
-Chris Eastment139
-Mike Hodgson138
-Simon Allen133
-Shaun Allen130
-Kevin Prowse130
-Dave Mason123
-Sharon Higgins117
-Max Higgins111
-Jason Brown108