Player of the Month

Here you can see a roundup of all Player-of-the-Month awards from each season since 2016.

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  • The Avg Pts column shows the average number of points scored for each match predicted.

Mark Vincent - Mortgages | Life | Protection 07968 513810

Prize: £25.04 - Matches: 51
Only the top ten positions are shown

1Pete Sutton500.980
2Nick Clark480.941
3Gareth Bridges450.882
4Martin Gayton440.863
5Lawrence Sutton430.843
6Carl Filer410.804
Darren Bellamy410.804
8Darren Addy400.784
9Mike Hodgson390.765
Scott Valenti390.765
Paul Vincent390.765
Simon Allen390.765

Prize: £25.04 - Matches: 33
Only the top ten positions are shown

1Lawrence Sutton351.061
2Cynthia West280.849
Pete Sutton280.849
4Steve Keay270.819
5Alex Bridges260.788
Nick Clark260.788
Lloyd Hide260.788
8Ian Hodgson250.758
9Gary Alcroft240.728
Geoff Mockford240.728
Darren Addy240.728
Mark Vincent240.728
Martin Gayton240.728
Martin Magookin240.728
Scott Valenti240.728

Prize: £25.04 - Matches: 52
Only the top ten positions are shown

1Alex Bridges450.865
2Liam Sutton430.827
3Simon Allen420.808
Carl Filer420.808
5Martin Magookin410.788
6Scott Valenti400.769
Darren Bellamy400.769
Dave Mason400.769
9Keith West390.750
10Mark Vincent380.731
Jason Brown380.731
Geoff Mockford380.731

Prize: £25.04 - Matches: 41
Only the top ten positions are shown

1Ahmed Shahin310.756
2Paul Vincent290.707
3Liam Sutton280.683
4Simon Allen260.634
Carl Filer260.634
Gary Alcroft260.634
Martin Gayton260.634
Steve Keay260.634
9Martin Magookin250.610
Mike Hodgson250.610
Mark Vincent250.610

Prize: £26.20 - Matches: 58
Only the top ten positions are shown

1Simon Allen***460.80701754385965
2Craig Ellis*450.78947368421053
3Martin Hayman450.78947368421053
4David Mason*440.7719298245614
5Mike Hodgson****440.7719298245614
6Ahmed Shahin400.70175438596491
7Shaun Allen400.70175438596491
8Lawrence Sutton390.68421052631579
9Neale Ray380.66666666666667
10Cynthia West370.64912280701754
11Martin Gayton370.64912280701754

Prize: £26.20 - Matches: 36
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Ian Hodgson270.750
2Liam Sutton260.722
Jeremy Wise260.722
4Steve Keay240.667
5Lawrence Sutton230.639
Lloyd Hide230.639
Scott Symonds230.639
8Ahmed Shahin210.583
Miles Chapman210.583
Mark Vincent210.583
Gary Alcroft210.583

Prize: £26.20 - Matches: 34
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Jamie Cox290.853
2 Darren Bellamy280.824
Scott Valenti280.824
4Alex Bridges260.764
Neale Ray260.764
6Jeremy Wise250.736
Ahmed Shahin250.736
8Lloyd Hide240.706
9Craig Ellis230.676
Lawrence Sutton230.676
Martin Hayman230.676

Prize: £26.20 - Matches: 28
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Steve Keay260.929
2Jeremy Wise230.821
3Ben Alcroft220.786
Ahmed Shahin220.786
5John Bond210.750
Nick Clark210.750
Gary Alcroft210.750
Liam Sutton210.750
9Scott Symonds200.714
10Darren Bellamy190.679
Jamie Cox190.679
Jason Brown190.679
Neale Ray190.679
Simon Allen190.679
Lawrence Sutton190.679

Prize: £20.90 - Matches: 38
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Gary Alcroft421.105
2Gareth Bridges330.868
3Matt Carter320.842
4Darren Bellamy310.816
5Dave Mason300.789
6Scott Valenti280.737
Jamie Cox280.737
8Craig Ellis260.684
9Alex Bridges250.658
John Bond250.658
Simon Allen250.658
Miles Chapman250.658
Scott Symonds250.658
Steve Keay250.658

Prize: £20.90 - Matches: 36
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Dave Mason290.815
2Gary Alcroft280.778
3Craig Ellis260.722
Martin Magookin260.722
5Jason Brown250.694
Cynth West250.694
Ian Hodgson250.694
8Mark Vincent240.667
Marcus Allen240.667
Darren Bellamy240.667
Matt Carter240.667

Prize: £20.90 - Matches: 31
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Gareth Bridges300.968
Miles Chapman300.968
Keith West300.968
4Jeremy Wise270.871
5Cynthia West260.839
Ian Hodgson260.839
Lloyd Hide260.839
8Martin Gayton240.774
9Alex Bridges230.742
10John Bond220.710
Martin Hayman220.710

Prize: £21.50 - Matches: 63
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Simon Allen520.825
2Martin Magookin510.810
Darren Bellamy510.810
4Neale Ray480.762
5Scott Symonds470.746
6Mike Hodgson440.595
7John Bond430.699
Matt Carter430.699
Steve Keay430.5699
10Gareth Bridges420.667
Jason Brown420.667

Prize: £21.50 - Matches: 30
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Martin Magookin351.167
2Simon Allen331.100
3Martin Gayton321.067
Shaun Allen321.067
5Gary Alcroft311.033
6Lloyd Hide280.933
Gareth Bridges280.933
8Miles Chapman270.900
Scott Symonds270.900
10Darren Bellamy260.867

Prize: £21.50 - Matches: 30
Only the top ten positions are shown

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Mike Hodgson270.900
2Gareth Bridges250.833
Ian Hodgson250.833
Mark Vincent250.833
Neale Ray250.833
6Martin Magookin240.800
7Martin Hayman230.767
8Marcus Allen220.733
Simon Allen220.733
10Shaun Allen210.700

Prize: £21.50 - Matches: 70

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Martin Hayman640.914
2Lloyd Hide600.854
3Gareth Bridges*580.829
4Dave Mason*570.814
5Shaun Allen560.800
6Cynthia West550.786
Marcus Allen550.786
8Martin Magookin500.714
9Martin Gayton490.700
10Jason Brown480.686
Paul Marsden480.686
Steve Keay480.686
13Miles Chapman470.671
Gary Alcroft470.671
Mark Vincent470.671
16Alex Bridges460.657
Craig Ellis*460.657
Simon Allen***460.657
19Darren Bellamy*450.643
20Neale Ray440.629
John Bond440.629
Jamie Cox440.629
23Ben Alcroft410.586
Scott Symonds*410.586
Mike Hodgson****410.586
Ian Hodgson410.586
27Scott Valenti400.571
28Chris Eastment380.543
29Keith West360.514
30Matt Carter280.400

Prize: £19.58 - Matches: 67

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Scott Symonds590.881
2Jason Brown580.857
3Neale Ray500.747
4Dave Mason490.731
5Darren Bellamy480.716
Simon Allen480.716
7Gary Alcroft470.701
Mike Hodgson470.701
9Mark Vincent460.687
Martin Gayton460.687
11Shaun Allen440.657
Chris Eastment440.657
Keith West440.657
14Cynthia West420.627
Martin Hayman420.627
Jamie Sawyer420.627
17Jamie Cox410.612
18Ben Alcroft400.597
Marcus Allen400.597
Martin Magookin400.597
Miles Chapman400.597
22Craig Ellis390.582
Alex Bridges390.582
Jamie Lundgren390.582
Derek Wilson390.582
26Chris Lye370.552
27Ian Hodgson360.537
28Lloyd Hyde350.522
Damian Chapman350.522
30Gareth Bridges340.507
Steve Keay340.507

Prize: £19.58 - Matches: 34

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Gary Alcroft351.029
2Simon Allen330.971
3Neale Ray300.882
4Mike Hodgson290.853
Miles Chapman290.853
6Keith West280.824
Scott Symonds280.824
8Alex Bridges270.794
Damian Chapman270.794
Derek Wilson270.794
Martin Gayton270.794
Martin Hayman270.794
13Ben Alcroft250.736
Dave Mason250.736
15Chris Eastment230.676
Cynthia West230.676
Shaun Allen230.676
18Marcus Allen220.647
Chris Lye220.647
Gareth Bridges220.647
Steve Keay220.647
22Darren Bellamy210.618
Jason Brown210.618
Mark Vincent210.618
25Martin Magookin200.588
26Ian Hodgson190.559
Lloyd Hide190.559
Jamie Cox190.559
29Jamie Sawyer170.500
30Craig Ellis150.441
31Jamie Lundgren120.353

Prize: £19.58 - Matches: 39

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Shaun Allen411.051
Gareth Bridges411.051
3Dave Mason370.949
Simon Allen370.949
5Gary Alcroft360.923
6Darren Bellamy350.897
7Martin Gayton340.872
Scott Symonds340.872
9Chris Lye330.846
10Alex Bridges320.821
Derek Wilson320.821
12Cynthia West310.795
Jamie Sawyer310.795
Chris Eastment310.795
Jamie Cox310.795
16Craig Ellis300.770
Mark Vincent300.770
Martin Hayman300.770
Mike Hodgson30.0770
Steve Keay300.770
21Miles Chapman290.744
Jamie Lundgren290.744
23Ben Alcroft280.718
Martin Magookin280.718
Ian Hodgson280.718
Marcus Allen280.718
27Jason Brown270.692
Keith West270.962
29Neale Ray260.667
Lloyd Hide260.667
31Damian Chapman250.641

Prize: £19.58 - Matches: 30

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Neale Ray280.933
2Damian Chapman270.900
Martin Gayton270.900
Scott Symonds270.900
5Martin Magookin260.867
Lloyd Hide260.867
7Darren Bellamy240.800
Simon Allen240.800
9Jamie Sawyer230.767
Martin Hayman230.767
11Keith West220.733
Mike Hodgson220.733
13Gareth Bridges210.700
Derek Wilson210.700
15Ben Alcroft200.667
Shaun Allen200.667
David Mason200.667
18Ian Hodgson190.633
Miles Chapman190.633
20Gary Alcroft180.600
Jamie Lundgren180.600
22Craig Ellis170.567
Jason Brown170.567
Steve Keay170.567
25Chris Lye160.533
Alex Bridges160.533
Jamie Cox160.533
28Mark Vincent150.500
29Marcus Allen130.433
Cynthia West130.433
31Christ Eastment100.333

Prize: £22.28 - Matches: 69

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Scott Symonds600.870
2Martin Gayton590.855
3Trevor Shipton520.754
Chris Eastment520.754
5Jemma Gibbons510.739
Mark Vincent510.739
Ben Alcroft510.739
Ian Hodgson510.739
9Martin Magookin500.725
Steve Keay500.725
Alex Bridges500.725
Gary Alcroft500.725
13Jamie Cox480.696
Neale Ray480.696
Simon Allen480.696
16Dave Mason470.681
Keith West470.681
18Marcus Allen460.667
Jamie Sawyer460.667
20Lloyd Hide450.652
Mike Hodgson450.652
Martin Hayman450.652
23Cynth West430.623
Miles Chapman430.623
25Darren Bellamy420.609
Matt Carter420.609
27Jason Brown380.551
Gareth Bridges380.551
29Matt Aragones370.536
30Chris Lye360.522
31Craig Ellis310.450
32Shaun Allen270.391
33Tom Thorne260.377
34Rico-Bradley Ellis190.275
35Damian Chapman00.000

Prize: £22.28 - Matches: 31

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Mike Hodgson331.065
2Simon Allen300.968
3Steve Keay290.935
4Keith West280.903
5Darren Bellamy270.871
6Neale Ray250.806
Jason Brown250.806
Martin Hayman250.806
9Matt Aragones240.774
Jamie Sawyer240.774
Martin Gayton240.774
12Mile Chapman230.742
13Jamie Cox220.710
Marcus Allen220.710
15David Mason210.678
Gary Alcroft210.678
17Gareth Bridges200.645
Martin Magookin200.645
Chris Eastment200.645
Scott Symonds200.645
21Cynthia West190.613
Mark Vincent190.613
23Damian Chapman180.581
Alex Bridges180.581
Ben Alcroft180.581
26Matt Carter170.548
Trevor Shipton170.548
28Ian Hodgson150.484
29Shaun Allen140.452
Chris Lye140.452
Craig Ellis140.452
Tom Thorne140.452
Lloyd Hide140.452
34Rico-Bradley Ellis130.420
35Jemma Gibbons120.387

Prize: £22.28 - Matches: 31

PostNamePointsAvg Pts
1Lloyd Hide280.903
2Steve Keay270.870
3Jemma Gibbons260.838
Scott Symonds260.838
Ian Hodgson260.838
Martin Magookin260.838
7Gary Alcroft250.806
Keith West250.806
9Cynthia West240.774
10Mark Vincent230.741
Matt Carter230.741
Matt Aragones230.741
13Jamie Sawyer**220.709
Alex Bridges220.709
Marcus Allen220.709
Neale Ray220.709
Simon Allen***220.709
18Martin Gayton210.677
19Damian Chapman200.645
Gareth Bridges*200.645
Craig Ellis*200.645
22Trevor Shipton190.612
Martin Hayman190.612
Chris Lye190.612
Jamie Cox190.612
26Chris Eastment180.580
Jason Brown180.580
28Mike Hodgson***170.548
Tom Thorne170.548
30Ben Alcroft150.483
Darren Bellamy*150.483
32David Mason*130.419
Miles Chapman130.419
Shaun Allen130.419
35Rico-Bradley Ellis80.258

Prize: £22.28 - Matches: 69

Post.NamePointsAvg Pts
1Mike Hodgson***751.086
2Chris Eastment721.043
3Cynthia West680.985
4Jamie Cox670.971
Alex Bridges670.971
6Martin Hayman660.957
7Keith West650.942
Martin Gayton650.942
9Tom Thorne640.928
10Simon Allen***620.899
Darren Bellamy*620.899
12Miles Chapman600.870
13Gareth Bridges*570.826
Marcus Allen570.826
Ian Hodgson570.826
16Matt Carter560.812
Matt Aragones560.812
Lloyd Hide560.812
Mark Vincent560.812
20Neale Ray540.783
Gary Alcroft540.783
22Steve Keay530.768
23Craig Ellis*520.754
24Jemma Gibbons510.740
25Shaun Allen500.725
Damian Chapman500.725
27Scott Symonds500.725
28David Mason*490.710
Rico-Bradley Ellis490.710
Jamie Sawyer**490.710
31Martin Magookin480.696
32Jason Brown470.681
33Ben Alcroft450.652
34Chris Lye420.609
Trevor Shipton420.609

April/May 2018

Prize: £16.10 - Matches: 68
Post.NamePointsAvg Pts
1David Mason510.750
2Ian Hodgson500.735
3Martin Gayton480.706
4Steve Keay470.691
5Craig Ellis450.662
6Jamie Sawyer440.647
Trevor Shipton440.647
8Mark Vincent430.632
9Mike Hodgson420.618
Alex Bridges420.618
11Keith West410.603
Martin Hayman410.603
13Gareth Bridges390.574
Simon Allen390.574
15Chris Eastment380.559
Derek Wilson380.559
Darren Bellamy380.559
18Jamie Cox370.544
19Jason Brown360.529
Chris Lye360.529
Cynthia West360.529
22Damian Chapman350.515
23Shaun Allen140.206
24Ian McPhee00.000

March 2018

Prize: £16.10 - Matches: 33
Post.NamePointsAvg Pts
1Cynthia West471.42
2Martin Hayman361.09
3Mike Hodgson351.06
Chris Eastment351.06
5Simon Allen341.03
Steve Keay341.03
7Craig Ellis331.00
Keith West331.00
9Shaun Allen310.94
Jason Brown310.94
11Ian Hodgson300.91
12Derek Wilson290.88
Jamie Sawyer290.88
14Alex Bridges280.85
Martin Gayton280.85
16David Mason260.79
Gareth Bridges260.79
18Darren Bellamy250.76
19Trevor Shipton240.73
20Jamie Cox230.70
Damian Parker230.70
22Mark Vincent200.61
23Ian McPhee170.52
24Chris Lye160.48

February 2018

Prize: £16.10 - Matches: 29
Post.NamePointsAvg Pts
1Craig Ellis301.03
2Jamie Cox291.00
3Martin Hayman260.90
4Jamie Sawyer240.83
Ian McPhee240.83
Simon Allen240.83
7Mark Vincent230.79
8Keith West220.76
Steve Keay220.76
10David Mason210.72
11Chris Eastment200.69
12Trevor Shipton190.66
13Martin Gayton180.62
14Darren Bellamy170.59
Jason Brown170.59
Derek Wilson170.59
Gareth Bridges170.59
Mike Hodgson170.59
19Cynthia West160.55
20Damian Chapman150.52
Ian Hodgson150.52
22Alex Bridges140.48
23Shaun Allen110.38
24Chris Lye90.31

January 2018

Prize: £16.10 - Matches: 30
1Ian Hodgson25
Jamie Cox25
3Gareth Bridges23
Trevor Shipton23
5Shaun Allen22
Jamie Sawyer22
7Chris Lye21
Keith West21
Martin Hayman21
Craig Ellis21
11Ian McPhee20
Martin Gayton20
13Darren Bellamy19
Mark Vincent19
15Cynthia West18
Mike Hodgson18
Steve Keay18
18Chris Eastment16
Simon Allen16
David Mason16
21Damian Chapman14
Jason Brown14
Derek Wilson14
24Alex Bridges11

December 2017

Prize: £14.18 - Matches: 69
1Mark Vincent53
2Martin Hayman52
3Darren Bellamy51
4Cynthia West49
Simon Allen49
6Mike Hodgson47
7Dan Jewell45
Damian Chapman45
9Martin Gayton44
Trevor Shipton44
Jamie Cox44
12Chris Eastment43
Derek Wilson43
14Jason Brown42
Craig Ellis42
16Jamie Sawyer39
Gareth Bridges39
18Ian Hodgson37
19Alex Bridges34
20David Mason31
21Shaun Allen0

November 2017

Prize: £14.18 - Matches: 40
1Jamie Sawyer32
2Darren Bellamy30
Derek Wilson30
4Ian Hodgson29
Chris Eastment29
6Simon Allen28
7Martin Gayton27
David Mason27
9Cynthia West25
Damian Chapman25
11Alex Bridges24
Mark Vincent24
13Jason Brown23
Martin Hayman23
15Mike Hodgson22
Trevor Shipton22
17Craig Ellis21
18Gareth Bridges20
19Jamie Cox19
20Dan Jewell17
21Shaun Allen0

October 2017

Prize: £14.18 - Matches: 33
1Cynthia West30
Martin Hayman30
3Jason Brown27
David Mason27
Ian Hodgson27
Jamie Sawyer27
7Martin Gayton24
Trevor Shipton24
9Darren Bellamy23
10Dan Jewell22
11Mike Hodgson21
Derek Wilson21
Simon Allen21
14Chris Eastment20
Gareth Bridges20
Mark Vincent20
Alex Bridges20
18Craig Ellis17
19Damian Chapman13
20Jamie Cox12
21Shaun Allen0

August/September 2017

Prize: £14.18 - Matches: 67
1Jamie Sawyer59
2Ian Hodgson56
3Trevor Shipton55
4Alex Bridges53
Martin Gayton53
6Jamie Cox51
Martin Hayman51
8Dan Jewell50
9Gareth Bridges48
Darren Bellamy48
11Chris Eastment46
12Simon Allen43
13Derek Wilson42
Jason Brown42
Mark Vincent42
16David Mason41
17Cynthia West40
18Craig Ellis39
19Mike Hodgson38
20Damian Chapman33
21Shaun Allen32

Prize: £14:18 - Matches: 89

1Jamie Sawyer77
2Mark Vincent73
3Dan Jewell72
4Jamie Cox72
5Martin Hayman72
6Derek Wilson71
7Gareth Bridges69
8David Mason67
9Simon Allen67
10Craig Ellis65
11Ian Hodgson65
12Mike Hodgson64
13Alex Bridges64
14Darren Bellamy63
15Trevor Shipton61
16Chris Eastment60
17Martin Gayton59
18Damian Chapman57
19Jason Brown53
20Shaun Allen43
21Thomas Thorne0

March 2017

Prize: £14.18 - Matches: 25
1Dan Jewell25
2Gareth Bridges25
3Mike Hodgson23
4Chris Eastment21
5Ian Hodgson21
6Martin Hayman21
7Mark Vincent20
8Jamie Sawyer19
9Shaun Allen19
10Trevor Shipton18
11Damian Chapman18
12Martin Gayton18
13Simon Allen18
14Craig Ellis17
15Darren Bellamy17
16David Mason14
17Alex Bridges14
18Derek Wilson13
19Jamie Cox13
20Jason Brown10
21Thomas Thorne0

February 2017

Prize: £14.18 - Matches: 31
1Martin Gayton34
2Darren Bellamy32
3Gareth Bridges32
4Mark Vincent28
5Alex Bridges28
6Damian Chapman27
7Mike Hodgson26
8Simon Allen25
9Martin Hayman25
10Craig Ellis24
11Shaun Allen23
12Jason Brown23
13David Mason22
14Dan Jewell21
15Ian Hodgson21
16Chris Eastment21
17Jamie Sawyer21
18Jamie Cox20
19Derek Wilson20
20Trevor Shipton15
21Thomas Thorne0

January 2017

Prize: £14.18 - Matches: 27
1Darren Bellamy26
2Shaun Allen24
3Martin Hayman20
4Martin Gayton19
5Chris Eastment19
6Gareth Bridges19
7Mark Vincent18
8Jamie Sawyer18
9Mike Hodgson17
10Simon Allen17
11Derek Wilson17
12Jamie Cox16
13Alex Bridges13
14Craig Ellis13
15Damian Chapman13
16Jason Brown13
17Trevor Shipton12
18Dan Jewell10
19Ian Hodgson10
20David Mason9
21Thomas Thorne0

December 2016

Prize: £12.15 - Matches: 58
1Darren Bellamy53
2Jamie Sawyer53
3Gareth Bridges52
4Martin Hayman51
5Dan Jewell48
6Martin Gayton47
7Damian Chapman46
8Alex Bridges43
9Ian Hodgson42
10Simon Allen41
11Mike Hodgson38
12Mark Vincent37
13Trevor Shipton35
14Jamie Cox33
15Jason Brown33
16Davis Mason27
17Shaun Allen23
18Thomas Thorne11

November 2016

Prize: £12.15 - Matches: 30
1Martin Hayman29
2Simon Allen28
3Jamie Sawyer25
4Darren Bellamy25
5Mike Hodgson23
6Alex Bridges22
7Gareth Bridges22
8Mark Vincent20
9Jason Brown19
10Damian Chapman19
11Martin Gayton19
12Trevor Shipton19
13Thomas Thorne17
14Jamie Cox16
15Shaun Allen15
16Ian Hodgson15
17Dan Jewell11
18David Mason8

October 2016

Prize: £12.15 - Matches: 50
1Mark Vincent35
2Damian Chapman29
3Shaun Allen28
4Mike Hodgson28
5Simon Allen27
6Jamie Sawyer25
7Martin Gayton24
8Trevor Shipton24
9Martin Hayman23
10Darren Bellamy22
11Jamie Cox22
12Alex Bridges20
13Jason Brown20
14Thomas Thorne20
15Dan Jewell19
16Ian Hodgson19
17Gareth Bridges17
18David Mason7

August/September 2016

Prize: £12.15 - Matches: 60
1Dan Jewell54
2Jamie Sawyer53
3Martin Gayton52
10Jamie Cox43
4Mike Hodgson50
5Simon Allen50
6Gareth Bridges48
7David Mason48
8Mark Vincent46
9Damian Chapman43
11Jason Brown43
12Darren Bellamy42
13Shaun Allen40
14Martin Hayman38
15Ian Hodgson37
16Thomas Thorne35
17Alex Bridges34
18Trevor Shipton32