One Round Wonder

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This table shows every score, for every player during the course of the current game.

You can use the search facility to find a specific player and order any column you like by clicking on the column heading. You can quickly remove any ordering or filtering by refreshing the page.
1Lloyd Hide714
2Liam Sutton413
3Ahmed Shahin*813
4Ian Hodgson1013
5Alex Bridges412
Simon Allen***412
7Gareth Bridges*812
8Lawrence Sutton912
9Pete Sutton1012
10Steve Keay^111
11Scott Valenti511
12Mark Vincent711
Carl Filer711
14Jamie Cox811
Ian Hodgson811
Pete Sutton811
17Lawrence Sutton1011
18Ahmed Shahin*110
Gary Alcroft110
20Ahmed Shahin*310
21Marcus Allen510
Martin Hayman510
Craig Ellis*510
Cynthia West510
Keith West510
Liam Sutton510
Neale Ray510
28Simon Allen***710
29Liam Sutton810
Carl Filer810
31Jason Brown910
Darren Addy910
Mark Vincent910
Martin Hayman910
35Martin Gayton1010
Nick Clark1010
Steve Keay^1010
38David Mason*19
Liam Sutton19
Martin Hayman19
Mike Hodgson****19
Paul Vincent19
43Mark Vincent29
Paul Vincent29
45Darren Bellamy*49
46David Mason*59
Jason Brown59
Simon Allen***59
Shaun Allen59
50Gary Alcroft69
51Gareth Bridges*79
Lawrence Sutton79
Martin Hayman79
Martin Magookin*79
Pete Sutton79
Shaun Allen79
Steve Keay^79
58Alex Bridges89
Martin Magookin*89
60Cynthia West99
Geoff Mockford99
Martin Magookin*99
Scott Valenti99
Lloyd Hide99
65Marcus Allen109
Martin Magookin*109
67Martin Magookin*129
Mike Hodgson****129
69Scott Symonds*139
70Cynthia West18
Mark Vincent18
Martin Gayton18
Nick Clark18
Pete Sutton18
75Martin Magookin*38
76Craig Ellis*48
Jason Brown48
Martin Magookin*48
Scott Valenti48
80Lawrence Sutton58
Mike Hodgson****58
Alex Bridges58
83Alex Bridges68
Geoff Mockford68
85Martin Gayton78
Mike Hodgson****78
Nick Clark78
Alex Bridges78
Craig Ellis*78
David Mason*78
Paul Vincent78
92Lloyd Hide88
Darren Bellamy*88
David Mason*88
Geoff Mockford88
Keith West88
97Mike Hodgson****98
Martin Gayton98
99Ahmed Shahin*108
Alex Bridges108
Geoff Mockford108
Mike Hodgson****108
103Pete Sutton128
Shaun Allen128
Steve Keay^128
106Craig Ellis*138
Lloyd Hide138
108Craig Ellis*17
Ian Hodgson17
Marcus Allen17
Martin Magookin*17
Miles Chapman*17
Simon Allen***17
Gareth Bridges*17
115Ahmed Shahin*27
Liam Sutton27
Scott Valenti27
118Shaun Allen37
Carl Filer37
Craig Ellis*37
Keith West37
122Mark Vincent47
Nick Clark47
Paul Vincent47
125Martin Magookin*57
Darren Bellamy*57
Geoff Mockford57
Nick Clark57
129Darren Bellamy*67
Keith West67
Liam Sutton67
Lloyd Hide67
Mark Vincent67
Martin Gayton67
Shaun Allen67
Simon Allen***67
137Ahmed Shahin*77
Scott Valenti77
Geoff Mockford77
Ian Hodgson77
Jason Brown77
Marcus Allen77
Scott Symonds*77
144Cynthia West87
Mark Vincent87
Nick Clark87
147Liam Sutton97
Gareth Bridges*97
Gary Alcroft97
Ian Hodgson97
Keith West97
Scott Symonds*97
153David Mason*107
Jason Brown107
Lloyd Hide107
Mark Vincent107
157Gary Alcroft117
Lawrence Sutton117
159Craig Ellis*127
Darren Addy127
Scott Valenti127
162Alex Bridges137
David Mason*137
Gareth Bridges*137
Gary Alcroft137
Jamie Cox137
Paul Vincent137
Steve Keay^137
Marcus Allen137
Martin Magookin*137
171Carl Filer16
Darren Addy16
Keith West16
Lawrence Sutton16
Lloyd Hide16
Neale Ray16
Scott Symonds*16
Scott Valenti16
179Darren Bellamy*26
Gareth Bridges*26
Gary Alcroft26
Simon Allen***26
183Cynthia West36
Darren Addy36
David Mason*36
Lawrence Sutton36
Martin Gayton36
Miles Chapman*36
Neale Ray36
Pete Sutton36
Scott Symonds*36
192Ahmed Shahin*46
Carl Filer46
David Mason*46
Keith West46
Lawrence Sutton46
Mike Hodgson****46
Shaun Allen46
199Ahmed Shahin*56
Carl Filer56
Gary Alcroft56
Miles Chapman*56
Pete Sutton56
Scott Symonds*56
205Ahmed Shahin*66
Cynthia West66
Ian Hodgson66
Jason Brown66
Pete Sutton66
Martin Magookin*66
211Cynthia West76
Darren Bellamy*76
Gary Alcroft76
214Darren Addy86
Martin Gayton86
Scott Symonds*86
Shaun Allen86
Steve Keay^86
Gary Alcroft86
220Alex Bridges96
Carl Filer96
Darren Bellamy*96
David Mason*96
Jamie Cox96
Nick Clark96
Simon Allen***96
Shaun Allen96
228Cynthia West106
Darren Bellamy*106
Gary Alcroft106
Liam Sutton106
Neale Ray106
Paul Vincent106
Scott Symonds*106
235Craig Ellis*116
236David Mason*126
Neale Ray126
Nick Clark126
Ahmed Shahin*126
Mark Vincent126
Martin Gayton126
Martin Hayman126
Scott Symonds*126
244Darren Bellamy*136
Liam Sutton136
Mark Vincent136
Martin Hayman136
Simon Allen***136
249Darren Bellamy*15
250Carl Filer25
Craig Ellis*25
Ian Hodgson25
Lloyd Hide25
Martin Gayton25
Martin Magookin*25
Mike Hodgson****25
Neale Ray25
Scott Symonds*25
259Gary Alcroft35
Mike Hodgson****35
Nick Clark35
Scott Valenti35
Steve Keay^35
264Darren Addy45
Geoff Mockford45
Lloyd Hide45
Marcus Allen45
Martin Hayman45
Pete Sutton45
Gary Alcroft45
271Steve Keay^55
Gareth Bridges*55
273Lawrence Sutton65
Martin Hayman65
Miles Chapman*65
Nick Clark65
Jamie Cox65
Marcus Allen65
Paul Vincent65
Steve Keay^65
281Darren Addy75
282Scott Valenti85
Craig Ellis*85
Jason Brown85
Marcus Allen85
Mike Hodgson****85
Neale Ray85
288Paul Vincent95
Neale Ray95
Pete Sutton95
Steve Keay^95
292Shaun Allen105
Gareth Bridges*105
Simon Allen***105
295Darren Addy115
Jamie Cox115
Lloyd Hide115
Nick Clark115
Scott Valenti115
300Cynthia West125
Gareth Bridges*125
Marcus Allen125
Alex Bridges125
Carl Filer125
Ian Hodgson125
Lawrence Sutton125
Lloyd Hide125
Paul Vincent125
Simon Allen***125
310Martin Gayton135
Scott Valenti135
Shaun Allen135
Ahmed Shahin*135
Darren Addy135
Ian Hodgson135
Lawrence Sutton135
Mike Hodgson****135
Nick Clark135
319Alex Bridges14
Jason Brown14
Shaun Allen14
322Alex Bridges24
Darren Addy24
Marcus Allen24
Shaun Allen24
Jason Brown24
327Ian Hodgson34
Lloyd Hide34
Darren Bellamy*34
Jamie Cox34
Liam Sutton34
Marcus Allen34
Mark Vincent34
Martin Hayman34
335Ian Hodgson44
Jamie Cox44
Martin Gayton44
Scott Symonds*44
339Jamie Cox54
Mark Vincent54
Martin Gayton54
Paul Vincent54
343Carl Filer64
Darren Addy64
David Mason*64
Neale Ray64
Scott Symonds*64
Scott Valenti64
349Jamie Cox74
350Lawrence Sutton84
Martin Hayman84
Paul Vincent84
Simon Allen***84
354Craig Ellis*94
355Carl Filer104
Darren Addy104
Martin Hayman104
Scott Valenti104
359Alex Bridges114
Marcus Allen114
Pete Sutton114
Simon Allen***114
Steve Keay^114
364Gary Alcroft124
Jamie Cox124
Jason Brown124
Keith West124
Liam Sutton124
369Carl Filer134
Cynthia West134
Keith West134
372Geoff Mockford13
Jamie Cox13
374Cynthia West23
Geoff Mockford23
Lawrence Sutton23
Miles Chapman*23
Pete Sutton23
Steve Keay^23
380Alex Bridges33
Jason Brown33
Simon Allen***33
383Cynthia West43
Gareth Bridges*43
Neale Ray43
386Darren Addy53
Ian Hodgson53
388Gareth Bridges*63
Mike Hodgson****63
390Keith West73
Liam Sutton73
Neale Ray73
393Ahmed Shahin*93
394Craig Ellis*103
Keith West103
396Cynthia West113
David Mason*113
Martin Magookin*113
Shaun Allen113
400Darren Bellamy*123
Geoff Mockford123
402Geoff Mockford133
Jason Brown133
Neale Ray133
Pete Sutton133
406David Mason*22
Martin Hayman22
Nick Clark22
409Gareth Bridges*32
Geoff Mockford32
Paul Vincent32
412Craig Ellis*62
413Marcus Allen92
414Jamie Cox102
415Ahmed Shahin*112
Carl Filer112
Darren Bellamy*112
Geoff Mockford112
Keith West112
Mark Vincent112
Neale Ray112
Paul Vincent112
423Jamie Cox21
Keith West21
425Gareth Bridges*111
Jason Brown111
Liam Sutton111
Martin Gayton111
Martin Hayman111
Mike Hodgson****111
Scott Symonds*111
432Miles Chapman*40
Steve Keay^40
434Lloyd Hide50
435Miles Chapman*70
436Miles Chapman*80
437Miles Chapman*90
438Miles Chapman*100
439Ian Hodgson110
Miles Chapman*110
441Miles Chapman*120
442Miles Chapman*130

One-Round-Wonder Notes

In the event that two or more players are level at the top of the table, the player who achieved the score first i.e. in the earliest Round, will take precedence.

If at the end of the Game the top two (or more) players have the same score and achieved it in the same Round, the One-Round-Wonder prize will be shared equally.