One Round Wonder

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This table shows every score, for every player during the course of the current game.

You can use the search facility to find a specific player and order any column you like by clicking on the column heading. You can quickly remove any ordering or filtering by refreshing the page.
1Steve Keay^111
2Ahmed Shahin*110
Gary Alcroft110
4David Mason*19
Liam Sutton19
Martin Hayman19
Mike Hodgson****19
Paul Vincent19
9Cynthia West18
Mark Vincent18
Martin Gayton18
Nick Clark18
Pete Sutton18
14Craig Ellis*17
Ian Hodgson17
Marcus Allen17
Martin Magookin*17
Miles Chapman*17
Simon Allen***17
Gareth Bridges*17
21Carl Filer16
Darren Addy16
Keith West16
Lawrence Sutton16
Lloyd Hide16
Neale Ray16
Scott Symonds*16
Scott Valenti16
29Darren Bellamy*15
30Alex Bridges14
Jason Brown14
Shaun Allen14
33Geoff Mockford13
Jamie Cox13

One-Round-Wonder Notes

In the event that two or more players are level at the top of the table, the player who achieved the score first i.e. in the earliest Round, will take precedence.

If at the end of the Game the top two (or more) players have the same score and achieved it in the same Round, the One-Round-Wonder prize will be shared equally.