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Thanks for your interest in sponsoring our site. Here you’ll find information on how you can help to support and hopefully build our site into something really successful.

Success of the SPAGames website isn’t about money or profit for me – that’s why 90% of the Premier Predictions entry fee is turned into prize money. I’m no cut throat business man. Success of this site for me is about the number of committed players we have, especially those who come back game-after-game. If people enjoy my games, then that is the greatest measure of success.

While all of the above is true, it’s also true that maintaining websites isn’t free! It takes time and more importantly (especially on this page) it takes money… domain names, hosting and site features all come with their own expenses. Which is why I would be incredibly grateful if you could spare any of your precious money – maybe one of our sponsorship options would be agreeable to you.

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